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6D Microblading (also known as hair stroke brows, microstroking and micro pigmentation) is a form of permanent makeup and is a relatively new technique of enhancing the appearance of eyebrows. Microblading is performed with the use of an ultra-thin blade. This blade is a grouping of extremely fine needles affixed to a handle to manually create clean and crisp lines that resemble eyebrow hairs. Using a hand tool and blade, natural pigment is deposited into the upper dermal layer of the skin, making it semi-permanent for 1-2 years, depending on the skin type and lifestyle. This technique will give your client thin and defined hair strokes opposed to the conventional permanent makeup machine which can create a solid and unnatural ‘draw on’ look.

Precision Blades

Microblading blades are used to create the finest and most natural-looking eyebrow hair strokes. Different blade sizes are chosen to suit different skin types. They are 3 times thinner than regular permanent makeup needles, therefore the procedure is less uncomfortable. Needles in 6D Blades are smaller in diameter than 3D Blades.


We use high quality pigments that are formulated by a certified laboratory under strict safety guidelines using high purity colour ingredients. Lushcolour pigments are glycerin based and are available in 14 different colours making it a very comprehensive range in SA. These pigments are developed specifically to match all different skin tones and to perform consistently.

Hand Tool

Hair strokes are created manually with the use of a hand held Microblading pen/tool. These tools are available in various shapes and sizes to ensure optimal comfort when being used. Each student / therapist undergoes excessive practice before performing the service on clients. A steady hand and an eye for detail is essential!

World Class Training

We have traveled to Ukraine to bring you the most up to date training and techniques. We combine online learning and preparation with hands on practical training to ensure the ultimate learning experience like no other. Our Master developed programs will give you the ultimate in knowledge, skill and confidence to help you become a successful Microblading Artist.


We are now offering our Microblading Training in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

The Vogue Academy E-Learning System

Vogue Brows is offering a state of the art, highly interactive e-learning system to all students who have signed up to our course. Once you have signed up you will receive access to our online training website where you will learn all the theory relating to 6D Microblading.
This platform will prepare you for our 2 day practical course through the use of quizzes, multimedia, and assignments.

Upon completion of our practical training course, students will have life long access to a library of valuable information in the form of training videos, community forums and overall support. New modules will be uploaded on a weekly basis to ensure that students receive the support and knowledge they require to perform the procedure safely and accurately. Safety and sanitation is a high priority to Vogue Brows to ensure that therapists and their clients are at all times in a clean and safe environment.

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Vogue Brows understands that times are tough and so we are constantly looking for ways make Microblading Training more accessible and more affordable for our students. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with MobiCred to offer you safe, easy and affordable credit.


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