I attended the Microblading Course on 16 and 17 June which was presented by Charlie Corkill from Vogue Brows. She is an amazing trainer and she is super hands on with her students. While Microblading our models, she was present throughout. The course is intense and contains a lot of information. I loved absolutely every second! I would most certainly recommend doing this. Only advise I can offer to anyone doing Microblading is to practice practice and practice some more. I became obsessed with Microblading. So much so that I find myself drawing brows and practicing the strokes until I see double.

Cindy Zandberg

B-You-te Spot

The 6D Microblading course was a hectic 2 day course but very informative and a great experience. We did cover all the modules as well as the practical in the 2 days. It is quite fast training but very easy to learn the measurements but when it comes to the actual Microblading it is then quite a different skill to get used to. I just wish that we could have a 3rd day of training just so that you can really get hold of this technique and give you enough practice before you work on a model on the second day. Or I would even suggest maybe more refresher classes because not everyone gets the technique so quickly.  But further I enjoyed it very much. The trainer was excellent and  very informative. I will recommend it to anyone that is really interested in Microblading. Thank you for a great learning program.

Chrizaan Visser

Chrizaan Make-up and Beauty

I really enjoyed the online training, and the workbook is amazing. A real must for practicing your hair strokes. During our practical I really learned a lot. Our educator showed such passion and devotion, that you cannot help but enjoy every second of the 6D Microblading course. After training assistance is outstanding! 5 stars all the way!

Monica Kitching

Monica's Nail, Lash & Brow Boutique

I recently attended the Microblading course in June 2016 and really enjoyed it. Charlie our trainer has a lot of knowledge on this Microblading.
Awesome technique with amazing results!

Locretia Hilton

Capri Beauty

The course was amazing with a great starter kit.  Soekie is a great teacher and I will gladly recommend this Vogue Brows course to anyone who would like to enter the  Microblading world.

Lizane Jonker

This has really been the most amazing course I’ve ever done in the beauty industry! And the one thing I love to do most is BROWS! Soekie has been an incredible trainer! She’s really patient and understanding and teaches with accurate understanding of how to microblade! Thank you so much to Vogue Brows for making this dream come true and for making it available for all who have been dreaming of learning how to Micro Blade!

I’m so proud to have taken this course through Vogue Brows! Because I’m a person who likes things done with perfection and passion! And that’s what you give to your students! Thank you!

Michelle Amy Gray

I want to say I enjoyed the course. Soekie does know her stuff. At the end of the day I felt confident in the theory of the course. And her practical was great. I felt I had someone who believed in me and helped when I needed it.

Nicky Arde

Lash Illusions @ The Firm

Great functionality and works well across all mobile devices!

Falon Harris

Wink & Whisper

Amazing online training.

Monica Kitching

Monica's Nail, Lash & Brow Boutique

Love the workbook, think its a great way of getting use to practicing hair strokes. Practice makes perfect!!

Tamlin Joannides

Lash & Brow Bar

The layout is so simple and easy to use. Really informative content, and the workbook certainly does help enhance your strokes, with all the practice you need, before starting with the practical.

Melissa Reed

Beauty by Melissa Reed

Thank you for making it so easy and user friendly, can’t wait to do the practical!!

Anmarie Minnie

Bella La Vita

All in all very informative. Great learning experience – always room for improvement on an academic level. Excellent structural layout. Thank you!

Erika Marais

Enjoyed the Online Training. Very Professional, user friendly and very informative.

Luzelle Coetzee

Lullubelle Beauty Salon

Very well put together, extensive attention to detail supplied, very user friendly!

Samantha Perry

Phat Sam Studio

Exceptionally user friendly, stunning on the eyes and easy to read.
Loved it and I’m stoked to do the practical!!!!

Carla Vd Westhuizen

Love the course and love the online training setup!

Beaulandri du Toit

Lemon Pepper

I really enjoyed the online training. It was fast and easy as well as very informative! Thank you Vogue Brows for making it so convenient to learn this amazing new skill!! Cannot wait for the practical training!

Chrizaan Visser

Chrizaan's Professional Make-up & Beauty Therapy

Thank you for the opportunity to do this online course. It has been great to be able to do this prior to the practical days and not a crammed into one session. Very well explained and detailed.

Joanne Kobben